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Can Satan cast out Satan?

Lyle Shelton, spokesblogger for the Australian Christian Lobby wrote: "New totalitarian rainbow law in Canada has decreed that parents who disagree with their child changing gender are guilty of “abuse” and could face having the state remove their child by force." So what's wrong here? This might be the truth as ACL sees it. Trouble is, it is simply not accurate. And not fair reporting. The "new law" for which Lyle generously provides a link , makes no such decree. I've read it all the way through. Please point out what I missed. Lyle goes on: "Parents who are concerned that transitioning is not in their child's best interests are automatically classified as “abusive”, according to Ontario’s Minister of Children and Youth Services Michael Coteau." Really? Automatically? Couldn't find that in the Act. Lyle suggests that this is what the Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services says. I'd better check that out. Oh.